L2 Same Domain

This scenario tests the bandwidth between pairs of instances in the same virtual network (L2 domain). Each instance is deployed on own compute node. The test increases the load from 1 pair until all available instances are used.


How To Run

shaker --server-endpoint <host:port> --scenario openstack/full_l2 --report <full_l2.html>


title: OpenStack L2

  In this scenario Shaker launches pairs of instances in the same tenant
  network. Every instance is hosted on a separate compute node, all available
  compute nodes are utilized. The traffic goes within the tenant network
  (L2 domain).

  template: l2.hot
  accommodation: [pair, single_room]

  progression: quadratic
    title: Download
    class: flent
    method: tcp_download
    title: Upload
    class: flent
    method: tcp_upload
    title: Bi-directional
    class: flent
    method: tcp_bidirectional


Example report collected at 20-nodes OpenStack cluster: OpenStack L2.